*Photo taken at Blight
Bootcamp in 2019

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Photo of Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome

"City-Parish cannot take on improving Quality of Place alone. These issues require the commitment and involvement of the community as well. My Neighborhood Engagement Hub will house all of our community and neighborhood interventions to improve Quality of Place. There are opportunities for trainings, clean ups, and connecting with City-Parish to implement change on their block."

We can make Baton Rouge Safe, Hopeful and Healthy,
all we need is you!

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We Need YOU At These Events

Operation Cleanup

April 10

  • Join a project led by your council member
  • we'll provide all of the supplies
  • City will pick up all trash collected
  • Magnify your impact by joining your neighbors

Blight Bootcamp

April 17

9am - 12:30PM
  • Virtual and In-Person Options
  • Speakers are Local and Regional Experts
  • Connect with the City Officials You need to know
  • Breakout sessions to Dig Deep
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We will have programs, initiatives, and events throughout the year. If you want us to keep you updated about Mayor-President Broome's newest community development initiative, submit your email below!

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Toolkits Made for You

Waste in our Waters

A Community Toolkit for Aquatic Litter Removal

  • How Litter Happens
  • How Litter is Regulated
  • How Litter Impacts our Communities
  • Capturing Litter in your Community
  • Planning a litter management project

Debris Tracker App

The Mississippi River Plastic Pollution Initiative

  • Teaches you to be a Citizen Scientist
  • Helps you track Litter on your phone
  • Data will help with sustainable sollutions
  • Prevent litter from getting to our rivers and oceans

Organize Now!

Forming a Civic Association

  • Why you should start a civic assoc.
  • getting started
  • recruiting members and keeping them active
  • dealing with problems in meetings
  • Keeping records and articles
    of incorporation
  • important tips

Community Cleanups

Tips for Planning a Great Service Project

  • Picking the right project for your community
  • Make a plan and pick a leader
  • Get supplies and resources
  • Assign Volunteer tasks
  • Make a plan for debris removal
  • Reward volunteers

Have Questions?

Curious about this new hub of programs? Mayor-President Broome has launched a parish wide effort to make Baton Rouge Safe, Hopeful, and Healthy. She has called on several local nonprofits to work together, combine resources, and empower YOU to lead community development.

How can Safe Hopeful Healthy Neighborhood's neighborhood engagement hub help me?

If you ever wondered how you can have an impactful fundraiser, bring resources to your community, host a community event, lead a beautification project, or make your neighborhood safer, this is the program for you. We are ripping the veil off the secrets of the best community organizers from around the country and sharing all you need to know to make this possible. No longer will you work endlessly alone to make a difference - You are powerful enough to be the change you want to see!

Who can join the programs offered in the neighborhood engagement hub?

Absolutely anyone. The only qualification is that you are 16 or older and live in East Baton Rouge Parish. We believe everyone is a Community Leader as long as you have a passion, desire, or interest in wanting to see an impactful change in your community!

How can I get involved in the neighborhood engagement hub?

First fill out our interest form to stay connected with our upcoming events. We will be announcing the details of the Safe, Hopeful, Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative and how you can tap into all of the resources in this neighborhood engagement hub.

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